Friday, August 31, 2007

Thing #23

THING #23, THING #23, THING #23 . . . HIP HIP HOORAY, THING #23!

I really enjoyed creating my own blog. Perhaps I am ready to create myspace. My least favorite activity was adding RSS feeds, but the podcast exercise was redeeming. I had a lot of fun creating Meez, though HLO posted a scathing review. And I now have the grand ambition to catalog my home library with Library Thing.

These activities provoked many useful ideas like celebrating the library in innovative ways and creating shared documents.

I found that peer support was very valuable to my learning experience. And now I will impatiently wait for my MP3 player and 23 surprises from my girl!

Thing #22

I am working very hard to finish 23 Things on time so that I can earn an MP3 player. I am jazzed that we will be able to download audio books from Overdrive for FREE. I found lots of books that I am interested in, one of which is The Wee Free Men, which several students raved about in YA Literature and Materials.

Thing #21

I took a look at the three suggested popular podcast directories and through Yahoo Podcasts I found Story Salon, Southern California's longest running weekly storytelling ensemble. It took me some time, but with Susan's help I managed to add its RSS feed to my Bloglines account. I've found this exercise to be both interesting and challenging. I like the podcast feeds more so than the news feeds.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thing #20

Me want book about cookies . . . and a glass of milk.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk. If you give Cookie Monster a book about cookies, he'll want a glass of milk too.

It was a lot of fun to explore YouTube, but boy is it time consuming. You can't watch just one!

I looked at a few more, because you can't watch just one, and found I Love My Library, a contest submission from WSHS. It's a library rap.

Thing #19

Two of my new favorite sites I discovered from Web 2.0 Awards are One Sentence, recommended to me by Mary, and Arcplay. One Sentence is a site where true stories are told in one sentence. Some are laugh out loud funny, others are confessional, and many are quite sad. This site demonstrate the power of the word. Just a few words can express great emotion.

I had a lot of fun playing puzzle games at Arcplay. I beat the computer twice playing the classic Connect 4 and reached level 5 in the Quick Pic memory game before Game Over.

Thing #18

In Zoho Writer, I created a weekly schedule document then shared it with Jackie. Possibly through shared documents Jackie and I can work on weekly schedules simultaneously which would be more efficient than our current process.

Thing #17

I added my blog to the Favorite Blogs page then took some time to create a new page and add it to the sandbox. I am curious to see if anyone will add a unique talent to Stupid Human Tricks.